The Baby Product


Want peace of mind?


Be confident that you are reducing your childs’ risk of coming into contact with harmful germs and bacteria in 4 minutes with just the push of a button.

By reducing contact with commonly found germs you are lowering your childs’ risk for infections such as pneumonia, ear infections , strep throat and bronchitis to name a few.  Forget about boiling water, using chemical cleaners, dishwashers or steam to sterilize.  Whether Baby is in your nursery, diaper bag, purse or car you have the ability to sterilize whenever the need occurs.

Bert&Bratt Baby sterilizes pacifiers, bottle nipples, small teething toys and some sippy cup tops.


Read what our parent testers have to say:

“The Bert & Bratt on the go sterilizer is a great product for on the go reliable cleaning and sterilizing of a pacifier or nipple. No more getting stuck without a clean paci!”

“What a great original product that every family with soothers all over their house are going to want to have!”