Bert&Bratt Innovations Inc. was created by two Canadian mothers who needed a more practical solution to keeping their families healthy.  Both Annemarie and Tasha are conscious of the health risks associated with poor sterilization and have created a company focused on solving those problems.  The products in Bert&Bratt are based on situations that Annemarie and Tasha have personally encountered and thought, there has to be a better way… thus Bert&Bratt Innovations was born.

Bert&Bratt’s products solve problems that consumers find themselves in every day.   They imagined a device where they could properly sterilize items wherever their busy lives took them; shopping, driving, at a hockey arena or movie theatre with just the push of a button.  This eliminates the hassle of using soap and water.  Bert&Bratt products will make it convenient for consumers to make their health and wellbeing a priority.

Mission Statement

Bert&Bratt delivers quality UV sterilizers to make it convenient for individuals to make their health and wellbeing a priority.